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Inside Look: What Makes San Jose Preschools Unique?

Precious Moments Preschool San Jose Preschools

These preschools incorporate a variety of creative activities such as painting, drawing, music, and dance into their daily routines. Such activities not only make learning enjoyable but also stimulate the creative side of children’s brains.

Benefits Of Daycare For Your Child

Precious Moments Preschool Santa Clara Daycares

Daycare centers are often just considered places where you can leave your child while you are at work. Well, they are more than just playrooms for your child. While there’s no doubt that they serve as a boon for working parents, they also offer numerous opportunities for your child’s growth and development. Read on to… continue reading »

Precious Moments: Montessori Preschool in San Jose

Precious Moments Preschool San Jose Preschools

Have you started your search for your child’s first preschool? We know that it can be an exciting but slightly daunting process. Have you considered a San Jose Montessori preschool? The popularity of Montessori preschools is starting to grow in recent years. With its unique learning and teaching styles and a history dating back several… continue reading »

What To Expect At Our Preschool In San Jose

Precious Moments Preschool San Jose Preschools

When searching for a preschool, San Jose parents typically place several factors at the top of their list – safety, a nurturing environment, an interesting schedule of daily events and convenience. At Precious Moments, we can provide your child with all of this and more.   Safety & Security Every parent needs to know that… continue reading »

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