Child Care

Providing care to the kids of ages 2-6 years old in their respective classroom. The classrooms have age appropriate activities. Children settle in their routine and have fun everyday.

Healthy Meals

Meals form an important part of our life. Health eating habit go a long way and develop our personality. Nutrition plays an important part in preventing sickness and strengthening immunity.

Active Learning

We engage students in activities, such as reading, writing, discussion, or problem solving that promote analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of class content.

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Precious Moments Preschool

San Jose Preschool. Looking for the best preschools in San Jose California? Precious moments Preschool is a quality preschool which nurtures the development of children.
Precious Moments Preschool is committed to creating a warm, enriching and nurturing early-childhood learning environment where our children can mature socially, emotionally, and cognitively.

Preschool Program in San Jose

The curriculum at Precious Moments is built upon principles of child development with the purpose of helping children enjoy and manage the world around them while preparing them for the academic life of elementary school. We offer a secure and nurturing learning environment where the children begin to develop their social and emotional skills. Lessons on being part of a group, sharing, taking turns, and making friends are seamlessly woven into all of our “themes.”

Preschool Language and Literacy

The language arts program encourages and broadens each child’s interest in written and spoken language. The curriculum develops a love of language and literature and provides reading readiness skills in a developmentally appropriate manner. Children are introduced to letter names, letter shapes and letter/sound relationships through meaningful and age appropriate games and activities. Literacy and language opportunities include a wide variety of multi-sensory activities and are integrated into all curricular areas throughout the day.

Preschool Math

The goal of the mathematics program is for the children to develop understanding and insight into the patterns of mathematics through the use of concrete materials and real-life experiences. The program works to help young children see relationships and interconnections in mathematics and to enable them to deal flexibly with mathematical ideas and concepts.

Preschool Science

Throughout the school year children use their five senses to explore scientific themes and ideas. Every science lesson incorporates hands-on activities to teach concepts related to each child’s interests and experiences. Studies of life science, environmental science, and physical science are included. Precious Moments is very fortunate to have four beautiful acres of grounds on which to learn about science. Areas such as the ten playgrounds, the nature trail and the butterfly garden are perfect spots for everyday scientific exploration and discovery.

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Our Curriculum

Bollywood dance

A nonstop choreography and great work out activity by professional instructor.

Piano lessons

Learn to play Piano by friendly, knowledgeable and helpful instructor who cares for each child’s learning needs and interests.

Zumba with parents

Fun filled, energetic instructor led fast paced music for parents and kids


A great way for children to learn team building and team work


Yoga for kids to meditate and flex their imagination

Foreign language

Miscellaneous foreign languages formalized to individual interest

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Unlimited Activities, Organic nutritious food

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