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When searching for a preschool, San Jose parents typically place several factors at the top of their list – safety, a nurturing environment, an interesting schedule of daily events and convenience. At Precious Moments, we can provide your child with all of this and more.


Safety & Security

Every parent needs to know that their child is safe during the day, and security is a top priority for us, as well. In addition to our secure playground and secure front entrance, we provide plenty of supervision and we allow parents with camera access so that they can view their child through a live feed anytime.


The live feed availability isn’t just a security measure, we feel that parents have the right to see their children any time they are away from them, and we know that parents miss their children during the day. Our live feed allows you to catch a glimpse of all of the fun activities your child is enjoying during the day, and this can bring parents great peace of mind.


When it comes to Covid safety, we have many procedures in place including daily temperature checks and frequent hand-washing. We also ensure that each preschool location affords good ventilation, and each facility undergoes steam cleaning and disinfecting daily. Classroom toys are disinfected after each use, and we have developed hygienic, non-contact sign-in and sign-out procedures. Furthermore, our staff also do their part by staying home and avoiding public gatherings when not working at our school sites.


Kind & Caring Staff

We believe that children deserve kindness and respect throughout their academic careers, but this is so important during these early preschool days. Feeling welcome and safe during preschool will make the transition into kindergarten and elementary school easier. At Precious Moments, our teachers and support staff also model proper behavior. We treat each child with respect and kindness, and adults also treat other adults with kindness and good manners. Modeling this behavior helps children learn how to become good friends and good students.


Healthy Meals

When we talk about providing a nurturing environment, we aren’t simply referring to our staff. We also nurture our students with healthy, organic food. We offer breakfast and lunch, using mostly organic ingredients. Our recipes are healthy and kid-friendly with a variety of cuisines including Chinese, American and Indian, and if you’ve been looking for preschool in San Jose with vegetarian meals, Precious Moments is a perfect fit.


A typical breakfast will include a balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat to help those energy levels remain steady throughout the morning. A typical breakfast might include a bagel with cream cheese and milk or perhaps a yogurt smoothie with cereal or perhaps a pita with Nutella and fruit.


Lunch menus vary and might include anything from pasta with colorful veggies, quinoa and curried beans, soup & sandwich, homemade paneer, or perhaps lentils and rice. We post monthly breakfast and lunch menus under the Nutrition & Enriched programs tab on our homepage.


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Engaging Curriculum & Activities

Our daily schedule and curriculum serve a variety of purposes for the young learner. One of our goals is to teach children how to adapt to new situations and enhance their problem-solving skills. Our child development model incorporates the theories of Piaget, Montessori, Erikson and others, and creative learning is part of the curriculum.


Additionally, our STEAM-based curriculum will help to prepare the learners of today to become the leaders of tomorrow. You may have heard of STEM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) curriculum, but we follow a STEAM-based curriculum, which incorporates art into the picture. Art enhances creativity and freedom of thought, which benefits students and helps them develop creative problem-solving skills. So, while art may seem like simply a “fun” activity, it’s actually helping those young minds develop.


Every week also has a special theme, such as “Kites and Things That Fly,” “Weather,” “The Five Senses,” “Dr. Suess & Read Across America” and so forth. Many are science-based, but we also include some special themes such as our popular “Teddy Bear”-themed week and our “Feelings and Emotions” week.


While our goal is to provide students with a solid foundation to build upon in elementary school, we never forget that preschoolers need to have some time for unstructured play and exploration. We have plenty of playground time, and we also provide a naptime to allow our students to rest and recharge for the afternoon.


Additionally, we offer special programs such as Bollywood dance, piano lessons, yoga and Zumba with parents. We also incorporate sports into our weekly schedule, as this helps children learn team-building and teamwork skills.


Two Convenient Locations

Finding a preschool close to home or work is essential, and we have two convenient options for parents – our preschool in San Jose and our preschool in Sunnyvale. Our San Jose Location is located near the I-880-I-280 interchange and is convenient for those who live or work in San Jose, Santa Clara, Campbell and other nearby locations. Our Sunnyvale location is convenient for parents that work or live in Sunnyvale, Cupertino or Mountain View.


At the San Jose preschool location, we accept students ages two to six, and at our Sunnyvale preschool location, we welcome students ages 18 months to six. Both preschools offer the same level of security, as well as the same basic daily schedule, curriculum, experienced staff, and, of course, healthy wholesome meals and snacks.


As a parent, we know it can be difficult to select a preschool in San Jose or Sunnyvale that seems to be the right fit for your unique child. We recommend that you visit several preschools before making your final decision, and we encourage you to follow your instincts. Only you can decide which school is the best option for your child, so visit several schools and take some notes about what you liked or disliked at each school site.


If you need a preschool, San Jose and Sunnyvale have many options, but if our philosophy seems like a good fit, contact us and book a tour. You can click on the Book a Tour tab on our homepage and fill out our quick contact form or call our preschool in Sunnyvale at (408) 387-9666 or our San Jose location at (408) 931-6218.

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