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STEM Preschool: Cognitive Development in Early Childhood

When some people hear about introducing science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) or science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) in preschool, they often wonder if doing so is more appropriate for older children. However, the many benefits of exploring STEM/STEAM in preschool suggest otherwise. These subjects are advantageous and enjoyable for kids of all ages!

When allowed to take part in fun and engaging activities that support STEM or STEAM learning, children as young as two or three years old can develop various crucial life skills, including curiosity, focus, and communication—which also contributes to cognitive development in preschool. Additionally, these activities also keep them engaged for much longer than anything else. Most importantly, the children have a great time learning new concepts and applying them to solve basic everyday problems.

We work with a team of experienced teachers to research and develop preschool cognitive development activities through STEM/STEAM using innovative pedagogical methods.

Educational Playtime: For a Better, Smarter Future

Recent research highlights the immense importance of STEM in early childhood education. So, what your little ones learn about science, math, or art at preschool can have a crucial impact on their academic outcomes in the future. For instance, early science and math are used to help our young students recognize and understand scientific phenomena, such as how the wind moves different objects.

While the students are provided with the opportunity to focus on each subject individually, they are also taught about how these subjects are intertwined. For instance, when combined with art, math develops an even richer and more interesting context that relates heavily to engineering.

Most of the STEM or STEAM activities that we promote are designed to help set and achieve various cognitive goals for preschoolers, including problem-solving, increased attention span, simple reasoning, understanding cause and effect relationships, and so on.

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What makes a STEM/STEAM preschool an excellent choice for young children is that it makes the process of learning so much more fun and interesting. At Precious Moments, we are committed to creating and providing a safe, comfortable, and nurturing environment for all children. They can explore, learn, create, and grow their STEM/STEAM skills all while engaging in playful activities. Our goal is to contribute to their educational, cognitive, social, and emotional growth while fostering their creativity in a stimulating learning environment.

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