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Precious Moments: A Top-Rated Sunnyvale Preschool

Every parent is looking for the best preschools in Sunnyvale, and there are a lot of us out there, providing daily care for your children. We know that it’s not easy to select the perfect spot for your child, but here’s a look at why we believe Precious Moments is among the best Sunnyvale preschools.

Safety First

For parents, there are usually two main concerns when selecting a Sunnyvale preschool. The facility’s level of safety is definitely at the top of the list when it comes to concerns. At Precious Moments Preschool, safety is always our top concern. Each staff member is highly trained and our facility is completely secure with a fenced playground area. Drop-off and pick-up routines are orchestrated carefully to ensure safety as well as convenience.

Additionally, we strongly believe that parents have a right to see their children while they are away from them. Thus, we provide camera access for parents so they can view their children via a live feed at any time. This allows you to truly see what your children are doing and provides much peace of mind.

A Loving Environment

We also believe that all people should be treated with respect, and at Precious Moments, your child will enjoy a loving, nurturing environment that encourages learning, responsibility and independence.

Not only do we treat the children with respect, we also showcase respectful behavior between the adults on our staff. We also encourage the children to learn positive ways to interact with their fellow classmates. Very young children are just learning how to interact with others, and proper modeling and direction can help them build positive relationships and increase their confidence while talking with peers and adults.

Nutritious Foods

As one of the best preschools in Sunnyvale, we are committed to providing each student with healthy, nutritious meals and snacks. The carefully planned breakfasts and lunches include a healthy mix of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and virtually all of our ingredients are organic and never microwaved.

We encourage and teach independent eating, but teachers are always on hand to help when needed. We also view mealtimes as social occasions and encourage the children to talk with each other as they enjoy their food. You can find sample breakfast and lunch menus under the Nutrition & Enriched Programs tab on our homepage.

Enriched Programs

We expand our daily curriculum to include some amazing enrichment experiences. This might include a fascinating reptile show, an African drum show or perhaps a visit from our local firefighters. We might enjoy a field trip to the local farmer’s market or perhaps enjoy a session of Bollywood dance, led by a professional instructor.

We host special events such as science fairs, Cinco de Mayo parades, Diwali celebrations, puppet shows, Zumba with parents, Halloween celebrations, Thanksgiving parties, craft fairs and much more. Something interesting seems to be happening all the time at Precious Moments.
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While some of the best preschools in Sunnyvale focus on just one educational philosophy, such as Montessori or Waldorf, we believe that the best preschools simply inspire children to learn. Sparking that lifelong love of learning is the real key, and we do that by incorporating a mix of philosophies into our curriculum planning. We add a sprinkle of Montessori, a dash of Ericsson, a splash of Piaget and a few others.

Each activity and lesson is planned carefully and designed to encourage creative thought and problem-solving. We offer many STEAM-based activities that incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math lessons.

While some schools just offer STEM activities, adding in that A for Art is crucial. Young children learn particularly well using art-based and music-based activities. After all, their writing skills are just developing, but they can sing and dance and draw, and we can incorporate learning in every song, dance or painting project we do.

Purposeful Play

Of course, children should be allotted time for free play and exploration. At Precious Moments, we offer them a variety of play activities both indoors and outdoors. Young children learn so much about their world through play and that’s why it’s crucial to provide them with unstructured time and allow them to make choices about the activities they wish to pursue.

For instance, perhaps a child decides to spend their playtime building a tower with blocks. They are having a great time, but they also are learning a bit about engineering and physics, even though it might just look like they are stacking up a bunch of blocks. They learn how to build a solid foundation, and learn how blocks can work together to form a house or a tower. We might even see students stack blocks in color patterns, which helps build their mathematical foundation.

Location, Location, Location

Ok, everyone wants a preschool that’s either conveniently close to their home or workplace. We have three locations, depending on your needs. Our preschool has three locations, in Sunnyvale, San Jose and Santa Clara. Our San Jose location accepts students from ages 2 to 6, while our Sunnyvale preschool and Santa Clara campus accept students starting at just 18 months.

Each location is led by experienced staff and we are always continuing our studies to learn the latest developments in early childhood education. Each facility is clean and well-organized and staffed with friendly, caring individuals that enjoy every day they spend with our young students.

We truly want the students to feel as though Precious Moments is their second home. If you have been searching for the best preschool in Sunnyvale, San Jose or Santa Clara, give us a call and we will set up a tour of our facilities.

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