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Pre K 4-6 Years Goals

Goals for pre K – Yearly outline

Our yearly outline in subject to change based on the progress of students, children learn best when concepts are clear and not imposed. Our teachers pay close attention to children and help them understand by giving them personal attention whenever they can. ECE is about learning with fun. We may customize our program according to assessment of each child.


  • Sing Together

  • Gesture based communication

  • connecting words, like ‘when’ and ‘but’

  • words that explain complicated emotions, like ‘confused’, ‘upset’ and ‘delighted’

  • words that explain where things are, like ‘between’, ‘above’, ‘below’ and ‘top’

  • verbal expression and reasoning

  • Proficiency through circle time activities, finger play, story time, dramatic play


  • counting, numerical recognition and reasoning

  • whole-part relationships, spatial relationships

  • identifying and creating patterns

  • block building; stringing beads, puzzle assembly

  • sort, order and classify. Collecting, measuring

  • Graphing


  • Life Cycles

  • Water cycle

  • Living- non-living things

  • Sink and float , observing water- pond, tap water, comparing and learning about ocean water.

  • Parts of plants- how do plants grow-photosynthesis

  • How make a garden

  • Food pyramid

  • States of matter

  • Light –white light –what makes rainbow

  • Science of cooking

  • Solar system-Planets and universe- group project


  • Pledge of allegiance

  • Group eating

  • Self dependence

  • Leadership skills

  • Initiative

  • Public speaking

  • Multicultural respect and awareness

  • Language enhancement- hindi, mandarin


  • Land forms

  • Landmarks

  • Freedom, symbols of America

  • diagrams

  • Map the room/directions

  • Learn about globe

Extra Classes


  • Yoga

  • Piano

  • Bollywood dance

  • Classical Indian music

  • M-cube class( vedic math)

Learning Goals at Precious Moments Preschool

A good preschool education will contribute to your child’s success in all aspects of their life. When they are allowed to learn and grow in a preschool environment, surrounded by other kids of their age, they develop a strong foundation in not just academic skills but also social and emotional skills.

A preschool is that place where a child makes friends for the first time. They interact with their teachers. They learn new things. And these are some of the things that make it a perfect setting for establishing the groundwork for a child’s growth into a successful adult.

The knowledge and life skills that children acquire in preschool often go on to have an immense impact on the rest of their lives. This is why, at Precious Moments Preschool, we make sure that we set some learning goals (preschool goals for 4 to 6-year-olds) that allow them to get the most out of their early childhood education (ECE).

In line with the principles of ECE, our preschool goals are designed to prepare children for primary education while arming them with the necessary life skills.

We have a team of the most amazing teachers who are dedicated to making sure that every student learns at their own pace through age-appropriate activities. We offer a safe and nurturing environment where the children can develop their cognitive, social, and emotional skills. In addition to learning how to read and do math, they can also learn how to share, collaborate, communicate, and more.

Get in touch with us if you want to know more.

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