Pre K 4-6 Years Goals

Pre K 4-6 Years Goals

Goals for pre K – Yearly outline

Our yearly outline in subject to change based on the progress of students, children learn best when concepts are clear and not imposed. Our teachers pay close attention to children and help them understand by giving them personal attention whenever they can. ECE is about learning with fun. We may customize our program according to assessment of each child. Due to small class size it’s very doable for us.


Level 1
  • Letter Identification (uppercase, lowercase)
  • Formations of letter, correct way of writing a letter
  • Vocabulary related to letter
  • Letter sounds
  • Introduction to vowel family
Level 2
  • Beginning sounds
  • Middle sounds
  • Ending sounds
  • Practice short vowels, long vowels, vocabulary enrichment of long and short vowels
  • Practice skills needed to read long and short vowels-pictures, flashcards, puzzles, drills, letter scramble game, and much more
  • Independent letter writing practice, controlled letter writing practice in three lines
  • Exposure to letter styles, letter vocabulary enhancement
  • Introduction to long vowels-one vowel and two vowel rules
  • Introduction to Diagraphs
  • Making words, reading new words
Level 3
  • use of diagraphs, bending with vowels
  • Introduction to sight words ( all, as, and, any, after, are , again, a, about, again, an, at, be, been , before, boy, but, by, can , come, do, down, eat, for, from, get, give, go , good, had, has, have, he, her, here, him, his, how, I) and more
  • Learning blends
  • Consonant vowel families, capitals, make sentences
  • Punctuations, plurals
  • Two vowel families
  • Reading clues, Rhyming, consonant blends
  • Irregular vowel families
  • Soft c and G
  • Contractions ( can’t , haven’t)


Level 1
  • Counting forward 1-100 and over
  • Backward 1-20, 1-100
  • Count and compare, fewer and more
  • Sort and compare
  • Measure and compare
  • Introduction to bar graphs
  • Introduction to portions
Level 2
  • Skip counting –count by 2, count by 5
  • Introduction to clock and time.
  • Addition with 0, simple addition
  • Intro to coins and money recognition
  • Days of month and year- calendar way
  • Graphs
  • Measure by ruler
  • Patterns
  • Sequencing
Level 3
  • 3D shapes, areas, surfaces, vertexes
  • Introduction to angles
  • Addition enhancement
  • Introduction to subtraction
  • Equal, unequal parts
  • Number line
  • Terminology- radius, diameter, height, width/breadth, length
  • Symmetry


  • Life Cycles
  • Water cycle
  • Living- non-living things
  • Sink and float , observing water- pond, tap water, comparing and learning about ocean water.
  • Parts of plants- how do plants grow-photosynthesis
  • How make a garden
  • Food pyramid
  • States of matter
  • Light –white light –what makes rainbow
  • Science of cooking
  • Solar system-Planets and universe- group project


  • Pledge of allegiance
  • Group eating
  • Self dependence
  • Leadership skills
  • Initiative
  • Public speaking
  • Multicultural respect and awareness
  • Language enhancement- hindi, mandarin


  • Land forms
  • Landmarks
  • Freedom, symbols of America
  • diagrams
  • Map the room/directions
  • Learn about globe

Extra Classes

  • Yoga
  • Piano
  • Bollywood dance
  • Classical Indian music
  • M-cube class( vedic math)

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