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Precious Moments Preschool Staff

Miss Priyanka Bansal

About her

Encourages children and parent participation for any program, passionate about working with children especially 2 year olds, loves staff, understands children need love and attention and then education. Has strong focus on basic needs of children like water, nutrition and emotional balance.

Statement: we cannot have everything but whatever we have is precious. Our children are our future, I wanted to start a place where children feel like second home with second parents (teachers) . I feel love and care can teach anything to anyone. I am proud owner of precious moments preschool and with the support of my adorable daughter and husband I relish working here.

Owner/ Program Director/Enrollment Coordinator
  • Degree:  Bachelors and MBA from USA , ECE credentials from UCSC extension.
  • Experience:  17 years

I’m a childcare provider for 6 years and have seen children and families dealing with stress of balance with work and care. With my passion and work ethics I sooth this gap and make sure little ones get all the love they deserve, at Precious Moments families love me and I’m very enthusiastic about going to work. I keep my energy levels up to theirs and make sure kids get enough love and attention without asking for it. My philosophy is to care for them and love them and make sure everyone learns something before they go home.

I realized the passion to work with child when I had my own child. I am encouraged by the way little ones develop and scaffold. I am very proud to be a lead teacher at Precious moments, svl branch for toddler room. Not only I prep my class for higher level but make sure they are emotionally prepared for next steps. My students welcome me with their enthusiasm. Making difference in each child’s life and helping families with respect is rewarding in itself.

Miss Le

I Have been known to precious moments families and children since it was built. I am a proud teacher in pre k at svl branch and can only think of children developing life skills as they grow. For me creating a well balanced program with activities, life skills, and valuing the morals is ground for education. As director of Precious moments at Sunnyvale I’m proud to present myself as a dedicated educator, trainer and mentor

As a supporting teacher, I’m been around svl staff since few months but I feel like it’s my second home and every child is special to me. I look forward to seeing them develop new skills everyday. I see myself as a supporting staff and person who teachers and kids can rely own. My job allows me to see every class and helps me learn with kids.

I joined Precious moments few weeks ago and knew this place is for me. My passion for serving kids made me realize I’m in right place. I have developed intense love and compassion for children and look forward to working together with svl main teachers. The environment is very motivating and I’m grateful for where I am. I support svl preschool side and am having great fun!

I work with young kids ages 18 m-2yrs and love to assist them in their learning process and develop strategies that will help them grow and good people. For me their focus, social emotional development, engagement and performance matters more than anything else. I teach sharing, making friends and music and dance. I love having fun class with learning and enjoying the day

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