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Our Staff - Precious Moments Preschool
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Precious Moments Preschool Staff

Miss Priyanka Bansal
Owner/ Program Director/Enrollment Coordinator
  • Degree:  Bachelors and MBA from USA , ECE credentials from UCSC extension.
  • Experience:  9 years

About her

Encourages children and parent participation for any program, passionate about working with children especially 2 year olds, loves staff, understands children need love and attention and then education. Has strong focus on basic needs of children like water, nutrition and emotional balance.

Statement: we cannot have everything but whatever we have is precious. Our children are our future, I wanted to start a place where children feel like second home with second parents (teachers) . I feel love and care can teach anything to anyone. I am proud owner of precious moments preschool and with the support of my adorable daughter and husband I relish working here.


830 W Evelyn Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Ages 2 years – 6 years

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Class Teacher -3- 4 year old class, in charge of facility safety

  • Degree:  Bachelors ( India) and ECE credentials (USA)
  • Experience:  13 years

About her



Class Teacher 2- 3 years old, In charge of handling emergencies

  • Degree:  Bachelors (India) ECE credentials (USA- UCSC extension), experience 3 years working with children

About her



Miss Lee
Site Director / Class teacher-Pre K program- 4 -6 years old, site manager
  • Degree:  Bachelors in ECE (San Jose state Univ.)
  • Experience:  18 years

About her

Creative thinker, curriculum planner, materials manager, has unique skill of managing children and responding to challenging behavior. She knows how to engage children and keep them stress free. Her unique way of communication to children explains them to choose what is right and do the right thing. She knows how to transition her class from program or activity to another. Has tools and resources for site to work in great shape and makes sure things are on schedule.

Statement: Precious Moments preschool has a student capacity of 36 students, our small school knows how to personalize the care and maintain lower ratios. The quality program helps build skills sooner than expected and children become quick learners. Children make progress in behavior because teachers get time to make them understand. I love working here with great staff and parents.

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