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Mountain View Preschools: Finding A Perfect Match

Searching for San Jose or Mountain View preschools? Finding the perfect match for you child can be tough, but you can narrow down your choices by keeping the following aspects in mind as you visit schools.

1. The Curriculum
There are many different types of preschools in Mountain View, CA. Some are Montessori-based, some are religious, and some focus on social skills rather than academics, etc. As a parent, you naturally will want to consider the type of curriculum you prefer and what best suits your child.

At Precious Moments, our program incorporates the philosophy of many child development models and experts, including Montessori, Ericsson, Piaget and others. We also offer a STEAM-based curriculum, which includes activities that promote growth in Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics.

Each activity is planned carefully and tailored to a specific age group. We also layer our lessons so that what children learn as two-year-olds will be built upon as they grow. For instance, if we are teaching about the weather, the younger children might simply learn basic vocabulary and ideas, such as sun, rain, snow, clouds, etc.

But as the children grow, they learn about more types of weather and we can add in the water cycle, and teach about precipitation, condensation and evaporation and facilitate this learning with experiments that demonstrate each part of the cycle.

2. The Teachers & Staff
While curriculum is important, it’s the staff that truly sets the tone at any preschool. At our school, we provide a nurturing and safe environment for students, and model positive behavior.

We treat each student with respect, and they see the adults at the school treating each other with respect and courtesy. Additionally, we also encourage students to become independent and responsible. We help them learn the basics of time management and even assign some light homework and encourage them to deliver it on time.

When it comes to the staff, ask about the student-teacher ratios and the level of education. At our school, our teachers not only are well-educated, we undergo additional training periodically to hone those teaching skills.

Another factor to consider is the overall happiness of the students. If the students interact well with each other and with teachers and staff, this is a sign that you’ve found a good school.

3. The Ambiance
As you visit schools, you will see that some preschools in Mountain View and San Jose take a great deal of care when it comes to organization and cleanliness and some are less organized.
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Make note of any schools that seem untidy or unclean. Obviously, if you visit on a day when students are present, there will be activities and bustle going on, but look at the walls and floors and countertops. Generally, everything should appear clean and a sense of organization should be present.

At our school, we have bins and cubbies where supplies and manipulatives are stored, and we encourage the children to help with cleanup and take pride in their school. We also have created a lively, attractive home-like ambiance where students feel comfortable and welcome.

4. The Food
While safety, staff and scholastics certainly top the list as far as concerns go, there’s something to be said for nutrition. Our goal is to provide wholesome meals with organic ingredients. Nothing is ever microwaved, and you won’t find heavily processed foods or junk foods high in sugar.

Our monthly breakfast and lunch menus are posted on the homepage under Nutrition & Enriched Programs. During meals, we encourage eating independence and also look at mealtimes as social occasions and we encourage the children to engage in discussions with one another.

5. Measure The Distance
Location can be a huge factor in the preschool decision-making process. Obviously, you need a great preschool, but you also want a school either convenient to work or home. For those needing a preschool in Mountain View, CA, we are located conveniently close in San Jose.

Our facility is convenient for San Jose and Mountain View families, as well as parents that might work at or near the Apple Spaceship. Take a look at our location on the map, and if this seems like a convenient location, we may be a great fit for your child. In some cases, though, if you really love the curriculum and environment of a specific preschool, going a bit out of your way might not be as much of an issue.

6. Safety
We’ve put this one last, but most parents probably think about safety first above all other considerations. All preschools in Mountain View should have security measures in place and provide a safe environment for the students.

Additionally, we believe that parents have a right to view their children when they are away from them. You can view your child at any time as our school provides camera access to parents. Check the live feed at any time, and you can see the students happy and busy, enjoying their day.

If you’ve been searching for preschools in Mountain View, San Jose or near the Apple Spaceship, give us a call and set up a tour. We are conveniently close for parents who live or work in Mountain View, and offer a safe and nurturing environment and an engaging, thoughtful curriculum that fosters a love of learning.

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