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Precious Moments Preschool – Sunnyvale

Sending your child to a great preschool is the best way to set them up for a happy, healthy childhood and a future where they can thrive. At Precious Moments Preschool, we combine our curriculum with nutrition and enriched programs to give your child a comprehensive, supportive experience. Compared to other pre-K schools, we also operate a as daycare, making Precious Moments the perfect go-to for your preschool-aged children. At our preschool learning center in Sunnyvale, we run a preschool program that gives children the fundamental skills and habits they need to thrive in school. At our preschool for toddlers, we strive to give our students a fun, supportive environment to play and grow in. We pride ourselves on providing safety and security to your child so they have room to grow into their own people.

Precious Moments also operates as an early childhood education center in Sunnyvale. We place great emphasis on preschool language and literacy, as we believe this is a vital skill for all children to obtain and develop. A supportive environment is crucial for developing literacy and language skills, and our staff is trained and qualified to teach these skills to your children. Our preschool learning center has an admissions process, in order to maintain small class sizes and a positive, safe learning environment for all our students. You can visit our website for more information, and our photo gallery to see for yourself how the students at Precious Moments learn and thrive.

Precious Moments Preschool in Sunnyvale, CA is committed to creating a warm, enriching and nurturing early-childhood learning environment where your children can mature socially, emotionally, and cognitively. We welcome you to Precious Moments Preschool and invite you to book a personal tour of our Sunnyvale location.

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Precious Moments Preschool – Sunnyvale
Precious Moments Preschool – Sunnyvale
830 W Evelyn Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Ages 18 months – 6 years

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