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Life and Career Skills for Preschool Students


The entrepreneurial spirit is founded on initiative—the willingness to step forward with an idea and take the risk of bringing it to fruition. The changing economic landscape requires entrepreneurs. Students need to learn how to set goals for themselves, plan how they will reach their goals, and enact their plans. Once students feel comfortable with charting their own course, they will readily launch into activity. Students in ECE stages are ready to accept these challenges and learn to perform matter its only a matter of building their trust and interest with the challenging activities. Students gain confidence and interest and sense of self achievement.

Flexibility and adaptability

Given the rapid rate of change in our world, the ability to adjust and adapt is critical to success. Students needs to learn to quickly analyze what is going on around them and make adjustments on the fly—all the while keeping their goals at the forefront of their minds. Flexibility is not spinelessness. In fact, a spine needs to be flexible to allow the person to move while remaining upright with eyes on the prize. The inquiry process requires and rewards flexibility. Instead of following a set course or a rigid set of instructions. Students are taught how they can be become great responsible people from just being a kid through job assignments, responsibilities and manage within the resources.

Social Skills

Children in precious moments preschool learn cooperation, compromise, decision making, and communication. Children get homework and are encouraged to deliver it on time. They also get time to discuss socially among friends and share their experience about it. Children are always asked on Mondays about their weekends. They talk time helps socialize and increases meaning full interaction among friends at school.
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At precious moments preschool teachers set their quarterly goals considering the individual level of children. Children practice time management on a daily basis. For example some children like the outdoor time more than the indoor. Children at precious moments preschool are given a variety of activities that attracts students indoors also. Their productivity is enhanced and they are able to achieve the targets that teacher plan.


Teachers play a role model for children in precious Moments preschool. Taking initiative and giving students a chance to perform is a daily practice. At our school parents take initiative which is watched by children. Children are also taught how to resolve conflicts. And challenging behavior is improved through explanation, love and care. Children love to take responsibility, initiative and each child flourishes in their environment. Close relationship of student and teacher makes it favorable for parents.

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