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Daycare centers are often just considered places where you can leave your child while you are at work. Well, they are more than just playrooms for your child. While there’s no doubt that they serve as a boon for working parents, they also offer numerous opportunities for your child’s growth and development. Read on to know why you need to keep those feelings of guilt at bay while dropping your child off to a childcare center.

Builds a Routine

Having a more or less fixed daily routine from an early age helps a child to learn better. Daycare centers have a dedicated schedule consisting of playtime, learning, eating, napping and other fun learning activities for children, with professional teachers in a child-centric environment. This helps children to learn faster and promotes early childhood development.

Promotes Social, Emotional and Cognitive Development

The importance of socialization from an early age cannot be denied. Children staying at home might not always get the chance for meaningful socialization with children of the same age group. A daycare center, on the other hand, is designed around the concept of structured and supervised social interaction. It aims to build communication, empathy, team spirit and sharing in children thus facilitating emotional and cognitive development.

Prepares Children for School

Toddlers who go to daycare centers are better prepared for school. Studies on child behavior and learning have shown that children who attend formal daycare programs are more likely to have stronger reading and math skills than those who learn at home. Afterall, daycare centers are not just about fun and games for children, as they are mostly understood to be. The teachers there have the skills and experience to incorporate learning into your child’s routine, without making it mundane for them. Before you know it, your little one would have learnt shapes, colors and counting through picture games and art.

Fosters Independence

Daycare centers offer a safe, healthy and positive environment for a child, encouraging parents to be able to leave their precious children under the care of the professional teachers and caretakers there. When a child stays away from the parents for extended periods of time, he learns to become less dependent on them for his needs. While this may make many parents feel guilty, the fact is that it helps the child become more independent, self-reliant, confident and emotionally strong.

One major advantage of enrolling children in a daycare center is the independence and flexibility it offers to the parents as well. Me-time and self-care are important for every individual’s emotional wellbeing. This in turn helps parents to better manage work and family responsibilities.

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