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A Typical Day At Our Santa Clara Daycare

When you drop off your child at daycare, you probably would like to have some idea about what types of activities we provide on a day to day basis. As one of the best daycares in the Santa Clara area, our days are carefully planned and include many purposeful activities.

We like to say that we are more than just a home daycare. We provide educational activities suitable for children of all ages, even our babies engage in purposeful play. Here’s a quick look at what each age group might enjoy on a day-to-day basis.

Our Infants

We accept infants as young as three months of age, and while we obviously handle nutritional needs as well as diapering, we extend our infant care well beyond the basics. Also as one of the best daycares in the area, you can rest assured that your baby will have plenty of supervision and our teachers and staff members all are highly qualified.

Each day begins with a warm welcome, and throughout the day, babies enjoy many age-appropriate activities that encourage language & literacy development, social & emotional development, physical & motor development, cognitive development and even creative expression. We also track your infant’s progress on our Daily Progress Sheets.

Of course, babies eat often and nap often, not to mention those diaper changes again. All of your baby’s needs will be met during their time at our Santa Clara daycare. We also don’t forget about social interaction. We encourage smiling, laughing and talking throughout the day, building your infant’s language skills and ensuring they feel welcome and loved.


Once your child has moved from baby onto the two-year-old stage, they really start to get out there and explore the world and our goal, aside from making sure each child feels safe and loved, is to fuel their curiosity and instill a love of learning and exploration.

As children arrive at our daycare, they will enjoy some free play time and we have many fun activities that might spark their interest. Then we do a quick cleanup and it’s breakfast time. Nutrition is crucial, and we provide healthy, organic foods that help those young bodies grow.

After breakfast, we enjoy some large group time. This includes a variety of activities. There might be sharing time, where students discuss interesting events or thoughts. We’ll spend a few minutes working on calendar skills, which also might include learning about the weather. Large group time also might include singing a song or two, or focusing on a specific skill.

From here, our two-year-olds might break off into small group activities or enjoy some purposeful play. We have many centers and activities, and everything is designed to facilitate learning, but we also keep it fun.

After a while, we have some outdoor play time. Two-year-olds are little bundles of energy and they definitely need some outlets for that energy. During the course of outdoor playtime, as well as indoor time, we are always working toward building relationships. Teachers and staff model respectful behavior to each other and treat each child with respect and kindness. In this way, we help these little people learn how to interact with their peers with positivity.

After outdoor play, we will have diaper and potty time. We certainly don’t expect that all two-year-olds will be potty-trained, although we definitely can encourage this level of independence for your child.

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Then it’s time for a healthy lunch. We view mealtimes not just as a time for nutrition, but also as a time to build those social skills. We encourage the children to chat with each other, and also encourage them to try new foods and learn how to use utensils and showcase proper table manners.

After lunch, it’s time for a rest. It’s important for children in this age group to be able to have time to rest quietly or take a nap. For those that only nap briefly or perhaps do not nap, we have an assortment of quiet activities to keep them busy.

Once everyone is up and ready to go again, we might have some more large group time followed by some outdoor play. By then, we are winding down the day and children tend to spend their last hour or so enjoying some free play time.

The Preschool Daycare Experience

From about age three to pre-kindergarten; our program is similar to that of the two-year-old’s however we do add a bit more structure. We provide plenty of free play time, but we also want to get this group ready for school and the big world of kindergarten.

We offer our children a STEAM-based curriculum that incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. You may have heard of STEM, but we like to add that extra A. We believe that art, music and dance enhance creativity and creative children become better problem solvers and that children (actually all people) need a creative outlet.

Your preschooler’s day will begin with breakfast and circle time, followed by carefully planned activities. This might be an outdoor workshop where we talking about plants and perhaps planting some seeds and observing their progress over time.

Indoors, we might explore colors and color changes through an art project. Students might work cooperatively to build something, or perhaps they will work on practical skills such as buttoning, lacing, snapping and tying. We might enjoy an experiment with water or perhaps engage in a literacy-based project.

After a few activities, our daycare children will outside for some play time and then we will head to lunch and move on to our quiet time. Some of the children will engage in reading, drawing or other activities, while others may nap the entire time, depending on their needs.

After our quiet/nap period, we pick up with learning. Typically, the afternoon includes a carefully planned math project as well as a science or art project. From there, children can engage in outdoor play or play in the classroom.

In addition to our typically daily schedules, we also make time for some special events. For instance, we might bring in a special guest and the children might enjoy a reptile show or perhaps an African drum show. We also plan events for Diwali, Cinco de Mayo, Halloween, Thanksgiving and other special times.

How To Find The Best Daycare Near You

We all want that “best daycare near me,” and frankly, the best daycare is going to be one that is convenient and where children truly feel welcome and happy. To discover if Priya’s Home Daycare is the right fit for you and your family, we encourage you to give us a call and set up a tour of our facility, which is located in a private home on a quiet residential street. Our daycare is located in Santa Clara, and we are conveniently close to the Apple spaceship as well as Santana Row and Valley Fair Mall.

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