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5 Facts About Private Preschool In San Jose

There are dozens of preschools in the San Jose area, and if you’ve been searching for a private preschool in San Jose, we’d like to share a few facts about preschools in general to help make your decision easier.

1. Public Vs. Private Vs. Daycare
In San Jose, you can opt for public preschools, which are fully or partially government-funded. The San Jose Unified School District provides free preschool and transitional kindergarten for qualifying families.

Additionally, the San Jose Unified School District also is participating in a pilot program that provides low-income subsidies to families that might not qualify for the free preschool programs. You can learn more about these offerings at the SJUSD website.

Of course, many people prefer the flexibility that a private preschool in San Jose can provide. With public preschool, you don’t get to choose the type of curriculum that will be provided for your child. With a private preschool, you can select a learning style and care style that best matches your child’s needs.

Daycare is another option for families to consider. With this option, there may or may not be planned academic activities included in the costs. Typically, a private preschool will provide a set curriculum, while a daycare might include a few planned activities, but there’s more of a focus on free play and simply keeping kids safe, happy and occupied while parents are working.

2. Multiple Curriculum Styles
Every private preschool in San Jose is unique, and each typically features its own philosophy regarding curriculum. For instance, there are Montessori preschools, religious preschools, Waldorf preschools, STEM preschools and more. Some schools, such as our own school, incorporate multiple teaching philosophies as we design our curriculum while others focus more on play activities and socialization.

At Precious Moments, we take components and ideas from Montessori, Piaget and others, as well as providing an abundance of STEAM-based activities. You may have heard of STEM education, which incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, but STEAM takes it a step further and adds the Arts to the mix. We firmly believe that artistic activities promote creativity and problem solving, two skills that will benefit children throughout their lifetimes.

While we believe curriculum is important, we also provide plenty of opportunities for free play, especially outdoor free play. Free play promotes creativity as well as boosting communication and social skills. We firmly believe that a good mix of structured, thoughtful activities combined with free play time is the best course for preschool-age children.

3. Beyond The Curriculum
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Of course, there’s more to consider than the curriculum. While learning is crucial, you also want your child to feel safe and happy in this new environment. We provide a nurturing environment where children feel safe and respected. We also provide camera access for parents, so that you can view your child through a live feed at any time. This provides some peace of mind for parents and also allows you to see what’s happening at our preschool throughout the day.

Additionally, we also place a solid emphasis on nutrition. We provide breakfasts, lunches and snacks made with organic ingredients and a balance of nutrients. While we want to encourage an adventurous attitude toward food, we always present meals in ways that appeal to preschoolers. You can check out our monthly menu under the Nutrition & Enriched Programs tab on our homepage.

4. The Tax Deduction Factor
In many cases, some of your private preschool and daycare costs are tax deductible. In order to take advantage of this deduction, known as the Child and Dependent Care Credit, you do have to meet some requirements.

For instance, you and your spouse or co-parent must have earned income. There are some exceptions to this, so if one of the spouses is a student or perhaps disabled, both parents might not need to have an income to qualify. This deduction can be a huge help to families, so be sure to talk with your tax professional about this child care credit.

5. How To Get Started
Before contacting any preschools, we highly recommend that you take a moment to think about what you want your child to receive from their preschool experience. Obviously, you want them to enjoy the experience, but some children need a more nurturing environment while others might excel in a more academic environment while others might need to enjoy a great deal of creativity and freedom.

Additionally, it’s often wise to select schools that are conveniently close to your home or work. We are located in downtown San Jose, and our students include children throughout San Jose and Mountain View. We also are conveniently close to the Apple Spaceship in Cupertino.

After you’ve found a few private preschools in San Jose that seem to meet your needs and criteria, contact those schools and set up a tour or perhaps attend an open house. This will allow you to connect with teachers and learn about the day-to-day opportunities at the school.

If you decide that Precious Moments is the best fit for your child, the next step will be to apply for admission. Once you’ve submitted your application, we will schedule a parent interview and provide you with a brief orientation about our facility. Once offered admission, the formal enrollment process begins, and this includes completing an Admission Agreement, paying registration fees and paying a deposit.

Before your child’s first day at our private school in San Jose, we also highly recommend that you bring your child in one day to meet their teachers and look around their new school. This can help reduce that first-day anxiety and make the transition into preschool as flawless as possible.

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