3 – 4 Years Goals

3 – 4 Year old Goals

  • Be able to write all Uppercase and Lowercase letters
  • Practice bringing and ending sounds
  • Recognize 3 letter words
  • Build vocabulary and grammar through age appropriate literature
  • Story telling at circle time , enhancing connectivity of sentences


Math but not limited to
  • Be able to count to 100
  • Be able to skip count by 1’s, 2’s
  • Be able to write numbers to 20
  • Recognize 2d and 3d shapes
  • Adding and subtracting through manipulative
  • Learning symmetry
  • Learning to draw straight lines, curved lines
  • Joining vertexes, understanding number line, line formation
  • Counting and associating numbers with objects


Arts and Craft
  • Improve fine motor skills through arts and crafts.
  • Improve gross motor skills through play and possibly a ‘sport’
  • Be able to dress and undress himself well (he’s alright at this now, but still needs some work)
  • Learn to think of others and support classmates and teachers, understands the concept of job assignment and responsibility.
  • Children will learn by growing a garden which will include making compost
  • Sensory walks-collect leaves and other nature collage
  • Predictions and observations through hands on activities like mixing colors, dissolving chalk, making volcanoes etc.
  • Observations and conclusions: children observe specimens and conclude from them.
  • Experiments: children learn the cause and effect of scientific methods.
  • Children explore materials that help in concluding experiments and predictions.
  • Themes like-solar system, reptiles fun experiments and live observations


  • Daily weather wheel
  • Definition of map
  • Literacy and label supporting directions in school
  • Exposure to distance concepts
  • Studying natural phenomenon like weathering
  • Making and understanding land forms
  • Games/quizzes related to land forms
  • Historical Landmarks
  • Field trips
Stem technology



CoordinationSymbolization and RepresentationWeight
Visual PerceptionComparisonsHeight
Motor DevelopmentClassificationGravity
Spatial OrientationDirectionalityBalance
Fine Motor CoordinationSequenceSymmetry
Divergent ThinkingTextures



Social/EmotionalMathCause and Effect
SuccessCalculatingSpatial Visualization
Self EsteemAreaSimple Machines
CompromiseNumbersRecalling Stories
ResponsibilityMappingCreating/Dictating Stories
ArchitecturePatternsSentence Structure
CreativeMeasuringMaking and Using Signs
AssociationsEstimatingUsing Books as Resources
RelationshipsNegative Space
Problem-SolvingOne to One Correspondence
Finding New Solutions
Sensory Exploration


Fun never ends
  • Barbie workshops
  • Purse decoration
  • Making lemonade and serving it cars
  • Tea party
  • Bring and share favorite toy on friday
  • Grocery shop
  • Pottery wheel
  • Spinning, weaving
  • Charkha (in process)
  • Pajama day
  • Diwali, Holi, Chinese new year, Christmas, thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Easter,

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